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          On May 31, 2017,supplied and built by Foshan DLT Technology Co. Ltd., two D2D double-layer wide-body firing kiln weresuccessfully put into production in Shandong Zibo Fu Lai Te Building Ceramics Co., Ltd. With an inner width of 3500mm,the kiln is now the widest two-layers roller kiln in the world,mainly for production of 300 * 300,300 * 450,300 * 600,400 * 800mm tiles, and each of which can reach productioncapacity of 16,000 square meters per day.
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            Along with LT Family increasing brand influence and technical advantage, the trend of ceramic slab production is formed in the ceramic industry of India,adding fresh blood to the Indian ceramic market. Both new projects and expansion projects for slab production are in full swing at present. On July 15, 2018, Nextile Marbosys Pvt. Ltd.,a subsidiary of the well-known ceramic production group company in Morbi, India - Varmora Ceramic Group, announced a successful ignition of kiln in mass production.
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            FoshanDLT science and Technology Co., Ltd., as the "practice base of excellent engineers education" in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, not only has the careful guidance of class teachers, but also provides many opportunities for practice and study. In order to make the "excellent engineer" interns more deeply understand the enterprise, understand the ceramics and production process and process, and combine theory with practice, in July 4th, under the meticulous
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            Twenty million one hundred and eighty thousand five hundred and thirty In May and June, it was early summer, and the weather in the South was already
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            FoshanHenglitai Machinery Co., Ltd., including Foshan DLT Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan ZLT Machinery Co., Ltd., LT Family attracted lots of visitors’ to their booths located at No. 2A01 and 2A02.
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