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          DLT Sintered Slab Lines for Hongyu and Sifang Light Up on the Same Day
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          In order to realize the mass production for the customer’s new line at the fastest speed , the majority of HLT&DLT technical and service team continued to work on site without a single holiday during the Chinese New Year festival. The DLT production department returned to the work as early as from the third day of the Lunar January.

          On the morning of February 27th, NO. H2# wide body roller kiln for sintered slabs in the series of “Industry 4.0 Energy Efficiency Digitized and Intelligent Line” was lighted up successfully at Hongyu Group's Qingyuan Hongwei Ceramic Production Base. Earlier on December 24th, 2020, NO. H1# “Industry 4.0 Energy Efficiency Digitized and Intelligent Line” for large size sintered slabs achieved mass production smoothly.

          NO. H2# production line is a sintered slab production line oriented at high-end market and backed up with up-to-date technologies. The line is composed of one set of HLT YP16890 press, a DLT 4.0 Energy Efficiency Digitized and Intelligent wide-body firing kiln, a high-efficiency self-circulation five-layer dryer, a glaze dryer before inkjet printing, a glaze dryer after inkjet printing, a normal glaze dryer and a pre-kiln dryer.

          The main product is 1200*3600*12mm sintered slab, while also available with 750*1500mm, 800*2600mm, 1600*3200mm sizes of 9-20mm thickness. The daily output is up to 11,000m2 for the whole line.

          The line not only features high automation and intelligent production modes, but also has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, strong stability and high intelligence.

          In the morning of the same day, Sifang Ceramic Co., Ltd., located in Danling County of Sichuan Province, held a ceremony to celebrate the start-up of its newly installed DLT kiln.

          The production line designed by HLT & DLT technical team has contained the latest innovation and upgrading aspects and elements in the sintered slab manufacture technologies. It is one of the most specialized, digitized and intelligentized sintered slab production lines in Jiajiang ceramic production hub.

          The line includes one set of HLT YP6209 press and one set of YP10090 press, which are currently the most popular models in the market, a DLT 4.0 Energy Efficiency Digitized and Intelligent wide-body firing kiln, a high-efficiency self-circulation five-layer dryer, a glaze dryer and other auxiliary equipment.

          The main product sizes include 800*1600mm and 900*1800mm high quality and healthy sintered slabs. It not only enriches the high-end product categories of Sifang Group, but also provides a powerful support to its comprehensive competitiveness in the ceramic market.

          Under the pressure from both “COVID-19” pandemic and the economic situation, the successful start-up of Sifang Ceramic’s new line and its reconstruction in product structure will become a successful example for the upgrading and development of ceramic production in southwest areas of China.

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