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          New Production Lines in Shengshi Orient and Milano Have Put in Use At Same Date
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          On 4th December, HLT&DLT supplied forMilano Group and Shengshi Orient with the new Slab production line of "4.0Energy efficiency benchmark" was putting in use successfully.

          In this new round of product upgrading,Milano Group focuses on introducing HLT&DLT equipment that including 4 setsof HLT-YP4009 automatic hydraulic presses and one DLT high-end DFC slab kilnwith one DHD-EM6 6-layer self-circulation dryer and another supportingauxiliary equipment.

          Milano Group mainly produces 400*800*7.5mmhigh-end Slab with a design output of 30,000 m/day. Making it one of the mostrepresentative and professional Slab production lines in the local.

          HLT-YP4009 automatic hydraulic press stands out among manycompetitors with its comprehensive performance of high precision, highefficiency and low energy consumption. Maximum pressing force 40000Kn. It canpress 600*600mm, 400*800mm, 800*800mm, 600*1200mm and other specifications ofthe slab, polished tiles, vitrified rustic tiles and marble tiles.

          The optimized hydraulic system uses a few patented technologies,which have been significantly improved in terms of pressing speed, motionrepetition accuracy and energy saving. Is an ideal to produce large size vitrifiedtiles or polished tiles based on the large press, is also an environmentallyfriendly model.

          DLT "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmarknumber wisdom Era" high-end Slab kiln furnace and six-layerself-circulation dryer combination, is the most powerful equipment in themachinery industry today, and is the embodiment of DLT's latest technology.

          Equipped DLT SPR energy saving system, GMgap management system, KHI updated Insulation system for kiln, DHR Heat Recovery System, PPCand OCE super energy-saving system of IPC intelligent control system. It’s notonly has great advantages in saving energy and reducing consumption, productionsafety, automation, intelligent, and also is calculated for every heat.

          It can provide enough heat source for the 6-layer dryer and kilnswithout flue and burner, solve the problem of not enough drying heat andtemperature. To reduce the overall energy consumption and realize the"full utilization and zero emission" of cooling zone. Make full useof and realize the energy saving of kiln + dryer to reach more than 20%.

          On the same day, the DLT "4.0 Energyefficiency Benchmark digital Era" 3mmSlab furnace, which was introduced byGolden Age Oriental, was also successfully put into use.

          This project includes two Slab kilns, oneEM7 efficient self-circulating 7-layer dryer, 3 glaze line dryers, two pre-kilnself-circulating dryer and other supporting auxiliary equipment. It will helpShengshi Orient to create modern and natural style Slab brand.

          The production line has super adaptability, can meet theproduction specifications for 1200*2400mm, 1200*2700mm, 1200*3000mm, 1000*3000mm, and the thickness of the range of 3-9mm.The designed output is 7,500m/day.

          Equipped DLT SPR energy saving system, GMgap management system, KHI updated Insulation system for kiln, DHR Heat Recovery System, PPCand OCE super energy-saving system of IPC intelligent control system. It hasthe advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, strong stability andhigh intelligence.

          EM7 high-efficiency self-circulatingseven-layer dryer adopts 11 independent circulating mold sections, largeinternal cavity design, reasonable height, ingenious pipe design, scientificheat transport, and automatic program control.Equipped with uniquedouble-outlet heating wind and self-circulation structure independentlydeveloped by DLT, with good stability, less mechanical cracking and brick movingrule.

          It is not only efficient, uniform, fast,energy saving, but also suitable for the drying of different products withnumerous specifications and large span of drying cycle.Normal production onlyneeds to use the kiln to cool waste heat, and no additional heat source isneeded, which maximizes energy consumption and site saving

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