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          Hongyu Group's "Digital Era" H1# New Line for Sintered Slabs Successfully Ignited
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          November 24, 2020 morning witnesses Hongyu Group 4.0 energy efficiency benchmark "Digital Era" H1# sintered slabproduction line ignition ceremony, in its Qingyuan Hongwei ceramics base.

          Another 4.0 energy efficiency benchmark ," Digital Era "H2# sintered slab production line is also in intensive installation and commissioning, soon to be ignited.

          After two decades of steady and healthy development, Hongyu has grown into a large modern enterprise and plays aleading role in China's ceramic building material industry. With the development of the ceramic industry, it hascreated the "Hongyu speed ". One after another four modern production bases were built in Foshan, Qingyuan and other places including Hongyu, Hongtao, Hongwei and Honghai.

          Founded in 2003, Hongwei ceramics has also developed into a strong and reputed domestic "National High-tech Enterprises" famous for its long-term stability of quality, innovative ability and outstanding brand image.

          Two sets of HLT YP16890 hydraulic presses supplied along with this project, based on the traditional die pressing process, are suitable for the production of extra large ceramic tiles and large ceramic sheet / sintered slab. Simple, stable, highly efficient, YP16890 has been running in several top of the industry companies and won trust of customers.

          Besides, Hongyu Group also introduced 3 YP8890 hydraulic press in the whole project upgrade.

          The thermal equipment is from DLT, automatic, intelligent and digitized high-end combo including a 4.0 energy efficiency benchmark "Digital Era" sintered slab high-end firing kiln, a high-efficiency self-circulating five-layer dryer and pre-inkjet, post-glaze line dryer, post-inkjet post-glaze line dryer, pre-kiln glaze line dryer, pre-kiln self-circulating dryer and other equipment.

          The main production size is 1600*3200*9mm large sintered slabs, also meeting the requirement for production of 750*1500 mm、800*2600 mm、1200*2600mm、1200*2700mm and other specifications, thickness from 6 to 18 mm with a daily output of 6600m2.

          In order to take into account the demand trend of the market, the kiln has carried out scientific and special optimization design, which not only solves the technical bottleneck in the industry in the aspects of fast firing,preheating, cutting crack and falling dirty, but also brings the technology in the fields of energy consumption,tiles movement, temperature difference, automation and intelligence to a new level.

          It is worthy of notice that every piece of slab is cooled down in a stable and gradual manner by efficiently utilizing the residue heat, thanks to which the internal stress is released resulting in breakage-free in the subsequent cutting, slotting, tapping without any cracks when the slab is being processed. At the same time, 3H high-efficiency fume heat exchanger also plays an important role in this project.

          Under the situation of increasingly strict energy saving and consumption reduction in the industry, DLT spares no effort in discovering and exploiting the potential of energy saving and has utilized many patented technologies, such as DHR waste heat recovery and reheating system, KHI insulation enhancing system, EHI kiln body insulation upgrade system, PPC combustion air pipe group control system and OCE optimized combustion energy saving system, etc., which injects the sintered slab kiln with the advantages of high efficiency, low carbon, green and energy saving. The five-layer dryer, glaze line dryer and inkjet dryer also do not require fume gas operation, which make perfect use ofkiln waste heat in a more efficient and energy saving way.

          Litai brand exerts its competitive advantages in manufacturing and initiates sincere cooperation with Hongyu Group. The two sides work hand in hand to make full use of the large-scale production advantages, together to cast "high quality, high standards, high requirements" sintered slab products, not only reflects the "Hongyu speed" momentum, but also reflects the strength of Litai brand equipment.

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