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          LT Family: the Trend Leader of Ceramic Slabs
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          Along with LT Family increasing brand influence and technicaladvantage, the trend of ceramic slab production is formed in the ceramicindustry of India,adding fresh blood to the Indian ceramic market. Both newprojects and expansion projects for slab production are in full swing atpresent. On July 15, 2018, Nextile Marbosys Pvt. Ltd.,a subsidiary of thewell-known ceramic production group company in Morbi, India - Varmora CeramicGroup, announced a successful ignition of kiln in mass production.

          The high requirement and high standard for the installation andcommissioning work for the project have been greatly recognized and praised bythe customer. After a short period of test running and fine-tuning, LT Family’sequipment has met the requirement of the end-user,thanks to the excellentperformance of machines and the beautiful appearance and high quality of slabtiles. All this is owing to both the Indian and Chinese technicians superbtechnique and the down-to-earth and high efficient cooperation of the bothcompanies. The quality of product is the root of a brand, without which nobrand can stay long and successfully in the competitive market.

          The project of Nextile boasts a YP16800 press, which is widelyknown in the industry as the King of Press for Slab Tiles, a hot-sale YP7809, aDLT EL-series five layer dryer together with a DLT DRK-series narrow-body kilnwhich are both specialized for ceramic slab production as well as otherauxiliary equipment, able to produce various sizes of ceramic slabs, such as1200x2400mm, 800x1600mm, 900x1800mm, etc.

          In line with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, HLT’s YP16800large capacity press is becoming a hit in Morbi, India. Also, customers therewelcomed DLT’s kilns and dryers specialized for slabs with great enthusiasm. Inparticular, DLT EL-series five layer dryers and DRK kilns for slabs feature theinnovated technology, optimized thermal design and independently-developed coretechnology, having won broad recognition from the peculiar market in India. Inaddition, in the light of the design philosophy of diversification andflexibility, the kiln is with a reasonable width in order to realize a uniformtemperature distribution inside the kiln, and also easy to change productbetween types and sizes, and convenient to modify the firing cycle andtemperature curve. The kiln is recognized by the local customers as the bestchoice in the configuration of a typical ceramic slab production line. Thekiln’s unique design of exterior, as named as Alpha Blue, has received widepraise from customers because of its low-key, luxurious, graceful and elegantappearance.

          Following the success in Cruso and other slab tile projects inIndia, Nextile’s successful launch of mass production is hoped to set up a newbenchmark for ceramic slabs in the Indian market in the near future. LT Familywill continue to explore in technical innovation and product upgrade in orderto provide more and more up-to-date and quality-guaranteed equipment to theceramic industry of India.

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