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          LT Family grandly shows up on CICEE
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          Hosted by Guangdong Building Materials Association and GuangdongCeramics Association, organized by FoshanZhongTao AllianceScience&Technology Co., Ltd, 2018 China (Foshan) International CeramicsEquipment and Materials Exhibition (CICEE) took place in Guangdong TanzhouInternational Convention and Exhibition Center on May 30, 2018 as scheduled.More than 300 exhibitors from the main stream of the industry took part in theexhibition.

          Headed by FoshanHenglitai Machinery Co., Ltd., including Foshan DLTTechnology Co., Ltd. and Foshan ZLT Machinery Co., Ltd., LT Family attractedlots of visitors’ to their booths located at No. 2A01 and 2A02.  

          On May 30th, the first day of exhibition, DLT’s booth was visited byprofessional buyers from both home and abroad without any break, who wereshowing great interest in the new products and the latest technology presentedby DLT.

          DLT demonstrated also its up-to-date patented technology - the PPC superenergy-saving combustion air supply system and the self-suction type lownitrogen oxide energy-saving ECO burners, as well as its industry leadingdesigned 7-layer dryer, 3-layer super wide tunnel kiln for foam ceramic,industrial aesthetically designed D2D double layer Galaxy series kilns andsingle layer Alpha Blue exterior decoration series kilns.

          DLTalso brought to the visitors with a brand-new vision of the development ofceramic machinery industry with its eco-friendly foam ceramics and waterpermeable bricks on the big stage which showcases the top technologies comingfrom home and abroad. The foam ceramic is cuttable, grindable, drillable,engravable, while planes mixed with curves and lines mixed withmulti-dimensions. The water permeable brick can absorbs water instantly and letrain pass through easily. All these products are very impressive, bringing thevisitors with totally new visions and experience.

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