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          New era: see the future of the "Li Tai" family "Banquet" love bloom
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          In May and June, it was early summer, and theweather in the South was already burning high. It made people sweat and sweat.Such a vibrant day, when the establishment of Foshan City Technology Co., Ltd.2nd anniversary, how can we not "Banquet" bloom, welcome the eightparty guests! On the evening of May 29th, the "Li Tai family" 2018global customer reply dinner was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Foshan, nearlya thousand guests gathered together to spend a good time together.

          The leaders and guests attended the dinnerparty: Fu Weijie, deputy director of China Ceramic Industry Association, vicepresident Dong Bo of China Ceramic Industry Association, Secretary GeneralHouWenquan of China Ceramic Industry Association, Fan Ruixin, vice secretarygeneral of China Ceramic Industry Association, and China silicon acid saltsociety Ceramics Branch kiln. Zhang Baiqing, director Zhang Baiqing of ChinaPortland Ceramics Branch machinery and equipment, vice secretary of ChinaArchitectural health Ceramics Association, Yin Hong, President Wu Yiyue ofGuangdong architectural materials industry association, Chen Huan of GuangdongCeramic Association, director Feng Bin of Foshan Ceramic Society, Foshanscience, Foshan Science Fan Yanbin, deputy secretary of the Institute oftechnology, Secretary General Luo Qing of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association,Secretary General of Foshan Ceramic Society Huang Bin, and Chen Weicheng,Secretary General of Foshan high tech Industry Association, Wu Muhai of HengliTai, senior leaders of the family of Li Tai and all sales staff.

          The theme of this dinner is "new era,see the future". The use of high-tech intelligence and urban elements, theselection of golden and red color collocation, implication of the familyscience and technology innovation and the future, a red, swept all the way. Theelements are recorded in the youth of our youth, the dreams of our sweat, thebrave of our hard work and the bold words of the Zhuang language that areengraved with our blood.

          A magnificent and magnificent woman's"inspiring myth" of the band's performance is an organic combinationof Chinese painted drums, quintessence and national dance. The Chinese elementsare fully displayed, with a strong combination of difficult percussiontechniques and high tech instruments, with the transmission of Chineseetiquette and music. Cheng, with the dream and expectation of the Chinesepeople for 100 years, played the prelude to the "2018 Li Tai family'sglobal customer appreciation dinner".

          Wu Junliang, the sales director of Li Taifamily and deputy general manager of taritai, took the lead in the speech, andasked the Secretary General of the China Ceramic Industry Association, Hou WenQuan, the purchasing manager of Foshaneulo Ceramic Co., Ltd., Xiao Jianping andthe overseas guest SUNHEART Mr.JAGDISH for the dinner, and the sincere andsincere speech inspired and infected the presence. Every one. "New era tosee the future", the family of retai has been developing steadily andstriving forward, following the business philosophy of "pursuingexcellence and creating first", making it a world first-class ceramicmachinery equipment from raw material equipment, molding equipment to burningequipment to provide global customers with architectural ceramic production andmanufacturing as a whole. Plan. Subsequently, Yang Xuexian, the general managerof Hengli Thai and the management layer of the family of Li Tai, took a toastwith the invited guests to the stage to drink to the future flourishing of theLi Tai family, and the dinner was officially started.

          2018 China (Foshan) international ceramicequipment and materials exhibition was held in Tan Zhou, Foshan, May 30th, -6month 2. "Li Tai family" group participated in the exhibition - theHT36000 and HT53000 type large intelligent press, the latest development of thepatent technology of De Li Tai, the PPC super energy saving system and the D2Ddouble kiln of industrial aesthetics, the Galaxy system of the D2D double kiln.Column, ZhuoLitai's new upgrading and raw material system innovationtechnology, etc., will also be one of the highlights of the show, to showanother customer equipment "gluttonous feast"!

          Looking forward to the future, the "LiTai family" will work together with friends from all walks of life tofollow the pace of the times, follow the development strategy of the country"along the road", actively respond to international challenges,participate in international market competition, and make due contribution tothe big Chinese pottery equipment industry.

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